by Mick at 11:23 AM
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Hello, all.
Just writing a quick announcement to let you know that the server revamp and reset will be on the 20th of April at midnight EST. During the reset several things will happen including:
  • All servers switched over to the new and reset servers
  • Donation store completely switched over to be EULA-complaint (more information below)
  • Website redesigned, reorganised, and applications modified (or removed)
The donation store for SlabCraft will be getting changed majorly, and the ranks are being made global. The reason they are global is so that you get the most out of what you have paid. We have tried to give the ranks as much as we could while still complying with the EULA that Mojang set out. More information about this will be in tomorrow's announcement.

Also, for simplicity, I have created a countdown clock for the update which can be seen here. The server will be down from 9pm-12am just before the update...
by Lokipool at 5:05 PM
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Today we have started an event on the prison server. In this event, PvP is enabled everywhere but mines and the spawning point. The goal of this event is to get the most kills out of all the players that participate. If you're the player that gets the most kills you will be receiving a $10 voucher for the SlabCraft store. Every time you kill someone in-game, you will receive $500 in-game cash. However, every time you die during this event, you will lose $100 in-game cash. Guard rules do not apply during this! Guards are like players, but get to use kits to fight. Staff are allowed to team and kill anyone they desire.

There will be supply crates throughout the day that drop. These will spawn in random locations. Inside these crates, you can find guard gear, golden apples, and guard pots.
All chat rules apply still, but all PvP rules do not apply, these include PvP logging and getting out of combat. Please note that if you PvP log (while in combat), you will be killed...
by Mick at 9:31 AM
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Hello there everyone.
Recently there has been some talk regarding the reset and many dates that have been 'rumoured' in a sense for when server resets are going to happen so below is some information about that as well as some new updates to SlabCraft.

Reset Updates

We plan to reset every server on SlabCraft at the same time any time between the 15th of April to the 25th of April. This may sound like a long time but the entire process has only started a week or so ago with many new changes happening including a redesigned EULA-complaint store (more information soon), new website, new graphics, new server setups, and new builds. With the update everything will be reset except for your donator ranks.

If you wish to receive your Creative plot as a schematic for you to continue elsewhere, please create a private message with myself telling me your username and which plot you want.

New Hub
Our new hub has been released just a few minutes ago and there seems to be a...