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by johnb165 at 9:04 PM
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Greetings Ladies and Gents,

I present to you... Drumroll please...


This update adds a new a hub and 3 new maps. Sadly the old ones had to go to make space for these 3 new ones. Whats in this update you may ask? Over the course of the week, we ask you guys to report any bugs to any minigame staff member, or here on the forums. Yes we know about that torch glitch and we are working on a fix for it

Make sure to thank: @johnb165, @Vestinock , @ProxyDetected, @Waffles4Days and @iConnect_ for bringing you guys this update. Without them, this wouldn't be possible.

- 4 team map (Islands)
- Abandoned (Map)
- Castle (Map)
- Shears to all kits

- Hunger
- Old maps
- Strength Potions
- Bread (Infinite Hunger now)

Whats to come in the near future? As part of the Minigames update, we are in the progress of updating Skywars, which will be part 2 of this update....
by Zack0101 at 4:01 PM
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Today, Aprill 11th, the SlabCraft Team launched the KitPvP Tournament! At first it was a little rocky while we got the team setup, but then it was really smooth. After 5 hours of a Tournament, and many hours of hard work, I am proud to announce that we will be having more KitPvP Tournaments!

Today's one however had extreme results! Here are the Top 4 Finishers and what the win!


1st Place Finishers: DubbehPvP & jared9037
$40.00 USD Store Credit EACH
2nd Place Finishers: ComboJombo & MegaTheRipper $30.00 USD Store Credit EACH
3rd Place Finishers: johnb165 & _SilentSquad_ $20.00 USD Store Credit EACH
4th Place Finishers: StormPerselus & iDragonClaw $10.00 USD Store Credit EACH!

I hope everyone had a great time during this tournament as of I.
~ Thanks, Head-Admin Zack0101
by Zack0101 at 7:58 PM
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As some of you have noticed, our Prison Server is currently 'Under Maintenance'. What is going on inside of the Prison server is something really cool! We are releasing a really cool 3 part Prison Patch. This first Part will consist of:

Free Rank
Free World
Black Market
Donor Lounge
New contraband rules
New plot rules
Hunter Rank
Hunter Warp

As you can see that is a lot of stuff for a patch, however, there is a lot more to come.
What is to come?:
6 More 'Free' Ranks
6 More warps

and the rest is a suprise! ^-^

I would like to thank a few people for think of these awesome ideas. First off, the awesome Prison Admin, xXShadowBlockXx, he is the one who came to us and had this all planned out. Secondly, our awesome Head-Admin, johnb165, john worked extremely hard on this Patch.

I hope everyone can enjoy and be excited for what is to come!
- Zack0101, Head-Admin