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The long waited Creative update is finally here!

This update brings a lot of old features as well as new changes to the server. We have taken a bunch of requests on what should be added and changed and we were amazed with some feedback the community as well as staff has given us. Finally, I would like to say, if you find any bugs or something that isn't working, please report it to a staff member.

New spawn

We have added a new spawn with the update as requested and contains some important information on playing in the new creative.

In this new and updated spawn, you will find, the up to date staff board, ranks, and basic commands to help you get started on creative.

Ticket System
We have added back the old and long requested ticketing system for users to upgrade their plots. We have added 3 ranks to the ranking up system (Member, Advanced, and Master, all in chronological order in which is the highest). Please note,...
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We have released Teamspeak to slabcraft where the community can now communicate with each other. All general rules from the server apply to teamspeak (No racism, no swearing, etc..). The IP to connect to teamspeak is, Hope to see some of you on teamspeak :) If you don't know about teamspeak, read about it on their website at
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Today, the Skyblock staff team and I released an update to skyblock. We have updated all of our core plugins that run skyblock and we made an attempt to fix all the lag issues. What's added? We have added a new skyblock starting island design, and a requested new spawn. We have added a new roulette crate which can be opened from a Roulette key by voting. We are fully aware of some issues you guys currently have on the update and we are working on them. We have also introduced a new way to purchase spawners since the old way of spawners were really broken and a lot of bugs were created due to this. To get a custom spawner, run the command, "/spawners" and it will open up the spawner GUI.

What more we are going to add?

- A new way of making money (ATM SYSTEM)
- More 1.8 features (titles, tab, and blocks)
- Squashing bugs
- Auction House
- Fixing /warp mobs
- Updated Crates