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Hello Friends and Family,

Today, Sunday July 5th, I will be resigning from my position as Head-Administrator. The reason why I am resigning is because of family reasons, I can no longer put the effort into being a Head-Admin on this wonderful network. I have been staff on this server for an amazing 6 months and I will tell you it was probably the best community you could work with. Great Staff, Amazing Players, and an even better Head-Admin team (ArmorofGlory being included). I would just like to give a couple of shoutouts to some very important people to me that have helped me through everything on this server. First off I would like to thank @ArmorofGlory for being a brother to me and letting me help with his server. He has been an amazing friend to me, but even a better person to work for. Then I would like to thank @johnb165 for being a great teammate to work with and John has put in so much work for the server you guys would awe...
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Today marks the 239th anniversary of when the original thirteen colonies declared their independence from Britain in 1776 (USA's independence). For this anniversary, Slabcraft will be holding a sale lasting from today, July 4th to tomorrow July 5th of the store. Everything in the store ( is now 30% off, so go and grab a rank while this offer lasts.
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Hello Tributes,

Today, I have pushed out an update to the Survival Games servers with numerous bug fixes and features that were added. To begin with, we have added 2 new maps and a fix to the old one.

(NEW MAP: "Green Grass")

(NEW MAP: "Shady Hollow")
FIX: In Holiday Resort, we have fixed the map regeneration. Now it doesn't look like the entire map was griefed.

FIX: Stats not loading correctly and giving incorrect information.

FIX: Lag issues

FIX: Minor bugs

ADDED: Tier 2 chests at spawn. You will now receive better loot at spawn.

ADDED: Top 10's List that tracks kills. The top 10 list can be found at the main lobby when you join a Survival Games match. It will be displayed as a hologram.

The Top 10 list...​