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EDIT: Visit to view the bans/warnings/mutes list

It's been sometime now since any attention has been brought up about the pets on the server. All pets are now fixed and properly working. Previous donor may access their pet once again with /pet <pet type>
I'm happy to announce that pets are now inter-connected throughout the entire network. For example, if you create a baby pig pet in hub, it will activate on all of the other servers. This saves your time in creating/adjusting it on every single server. The pet will now literally follow you all around the network!


If you've ever seen others players with a pet, you know that pets are a really cool accessory to have. Maybe you've even considered getting one of your own. All of our pets are sold on our webstore, Pets are sold in packages,...
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Hey guys, it's Zack0101 here to inform you on what has been going on with our Prison Server lately. As most of you players know, we have initiated this plan of a 4-5 part (patch) Prison Update. This is Patch #2 and is probably the best one yet. Here is a list of what has been added and a short list of what is to come;

What Patch #2 has brought us:
- a new spawn, this is also known as pre-spawn. This was added to give a bigger area for the Staff Wall, Donation Ranks, and Announcements.
- a new portal layout at old spawn, now that pre-spawn has been added we can change the layout of the prison "old-spawn". This included sections for the Portals, easier for future plans for the Prison Server.
- expanded PvP Area, The PvP Area has been doubled in this Patch, The PvP Areas include: Basketball court, entire old spawn, and hallways to the portals.
- New Rank: Salesman! This rank is 6 Billion Dollars and is after the Hunter...
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As all of you know there was a Creative Building Competition and a Skywars Tournament this past weekend, and I am here to post the results for those events. These winners have yet to determine the reward and will receive an award this week.

Skywars Tournament:
Top Deaths: Apex_Warrior2
Everything else: PWRDByLogan

Creative Building Competition:
1st Place: MonkeyMin (Skyblock Donor Lounge)
2nd Place: Mads3110 (Creative Spawn)
3rd Place: Mightymouse66 & camancraft (Creative Spawn & Skyblock Donor Lounge)

Thanks for participating in these 2 events. I promise they will be more organized this time and will have more rewards. Thanks! -Zack0101 SlabCraft Head-Admin