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As some of you may seen, you can now link your Minecraft account on the website and it will appear under your name in posts and on your profile. Link your Minecraft account by heading on over to From there, it will guide you through the process of verification and the steps to validate your account. Please remember, that you can only associate one Minecraft account with your forum account. Alternatively, you can link your account by hovering over your name in the top right, and in the drop down that appears, select "Minecraft Association". Here is a visual image of what it should look like. Hope you guys enjoy, and stay tuned for updates more to come!
by ArmorofGlory at 9:54 PM
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Merry Christmas everyone,

I hope everyone is having a great holiday break. We will be redoing the giveaway contest due to the other contest being deleted. Earlier this week the server was hacked and my threads were removed. So now it is time to enter the giveaway once again to ensure your entering in the contest. Same rules apply as before, but the giveaway contest will end January 1st, 2016. Announcements for all 15 winners will be announced the first day of the new year.

To enter, register on the website, vote for the server (at least 5 times /vote), and finally give this post a like to enter the giveaway! Winners will be randomly selected from the list of likes. Out of the 15 lucky winners, they will be ranked in order 1 to 15 according to the amount of votes they have. In that order they will receive the prize amounts. For example, if players A B C D enter and are all randomly selected for the giveaway, I will...
by ArmorofGlory at 9:40 AM
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Now before you get the chance to complain or already have, I want you to take these things into perspective. The server was hacked last night and to ensure our full security the servers that were affected in the incident were rolledback. That means that all of the server data, worlds, files, were set back to the state they would of been at an earlier time. When this happened, Hub, Creative, Skyblock, and Prison were affected.

What data has been lost?
If you played yesterday 12/23/15 on Prison, Skyblock, or Creative your progress was not saved. Your account stands as it would be the day before 12/23/15.

With the rollback (backup) in place, the servers are standing as they would of been 24 hours prior to the incident. Now if you start to complain, we get it. You lost hours of progress mining in Prison, building on Creative, or expanding your island on Skyblock, but listen to this. It was my duty to get the server back up. I worked throughout the night all...